Interview Coaching Page

It is a 1-on-1 coaching session focusing on the 3 cornerstones of effective interview techniques “data”, “delivery” and “strategy”. You will learn how to tackle the most difficult questions during the job interview while at the same time increase your confidence in facing the job interview.

Part 1: Identifying Your Key Value Added Expertise

Hiring managers want to hire candidates with the right competency to do the job, hence understanding your expertise and experience that matches the job requirements is essential in positioning you as the best candidate for the job.

Part 2: Scripting

Ever get tongue-tied when answer interview questions? This is where we develop high impact answers for common, competency-based, behavioral and oddball questions any interviewer can throw at you. We also strategize how to negotiate the salary package.

Part 3: Role Playing

The overall delivery is important, through role playing with our coaches, you will be able to know your blind spots and get honest feedback to enhance control over your body language as well as intonation to get the job offer!



The coaching session was very useful for me! I am grateful for the opportunity to dry-run an interview and getting direct feedback from you to improve my blind spots.

Ina, Senior Manager 

Thanks for the coaching session! The interviewer was really impressed with the way I answered the tough questions compared to the other candidates.

Razif, Fresh Graduate 

I got the job! Thanks for highlighting my key value added expertise, that really calmed my nerves and cleared up my mind on how to answer those questions.

Rebecca, Healthcare Industry