I have successfully made the career transition. Thank you for such a wonderful resume and career advice to enhance my job search!

Mani, Project Manager


I am currently working with NZ Wheels. After I sent in my application, I got a reply in an hour! That’s really amazing. Thanks for the help.

Leon, Sales Professional


I have landed a new job in KL within 1 month of getting the new resume from you! Thanks a million Hans.

CH, Application Engineer


I’ve just started a job as an insurance broker early this year thanks to your resume!

Dudley, MBA Graduate


Thanks Hans! I am working with Deloitte now.

CPA Graduate


I’ve got my job within 3 months of doing my resume make-over. Thank you so much! In fact, I’ve been recommending you to my friends since then.

Nadiyah, Accounting Professional


Thank you for writing my resume. I managed to get a number of interviews with that. And some headhunters called me for positions that are way above my experience.

En. Ahmad


I will start my job at an MNC, doing legal. Your resume is very helpful !

Hani, Legal Professional


From more than 20 applications made, I got responses about 7, out of that, I went for 6 interviews and received 2 job offers. Now, I’m going to an interview this Thursday. this is the 8th response.

Audrey, Administrative Professional



Thanks Hans! I managed to secure a senior management position in a major contractor.

Azman, Senior Management Professional


So far I have attended more than 5 interviews. The resume really helps me to secure interviews for the 5 star hotels that I applied for. Many thanks for the job well done!

Fadzil, Senior Hospitality Professional


Thanks for rewriting my 5-page long resume into a short and sweet One-page resume. I am impressed by the way you prioritize my information and the resume layout is unique.

Shuen, Fresh Graduate


Yeah, I got the job I have been eyeing for! You are right age, even though I have just a SPM, education level is not the main thing. What important is how to sell myself in the resume. Thank you so much for a job well done.

General Manager, 51 years old


Thank you so much for your kind help! I got the job first time I apply. Currently, I’m working with a major Japanese company.

Kala, Returning after a Sabbatical


I really wanted to thank you for your excellent service. Ever since I use the resume that you’ve written, the number of employers that contacted me increased. I’ve landed myself to a great job currently, and your service was the one that opened my way to this opportunity.

Villa, Entry Level Professional


I have since received a few calls for interviews but have not personally found the right one yet. But I have found the update in my resume helpful in my search and the calls were a good testimony itself so thank you for your help!

Ling, Marketing Research Specialist


Thanks for the good work. I particularly like the professional profile (a powerful summary of my working experience) and the skills & key characteristics. Thank you for transforming my boring resume into an eye-catching one.

Ms. Lim


I would like to THANK you for your assistance and guidance h making a professional resume for me. With that new resume I managed to get a job in Singapore.

Ali, Expat from Iran


I have already obtained a position as an intern in a telecom company within two week after submitting the resume and the Cover letter that you made for me.

Mahfuz, Monash University


I have found a new employment after such a long sabbatical. I wish to thank you for your professional assistance in finalizing my resume!

Inna V., Top Customer Service Professional


Thank you for the resume assistance! I have joined a French beverage company in their Marketing Department.

Michelle, 25 years old


Got the Managing Director job in Penang. Thanks for developing my effective resume and LinkedIn profile!

Mr. H. Singh


Happy to say that I managed to get the job I applied for. The resume really helped.

Dona, Customer Service Professional


I already got a new job not too long after you helped me out with my new resume. Now, I am a Service Desk Manager with one of the largest insurance company in Malaysia. 🙂

Aylia, Service Desk Manager


I got the job a week after you have settle my resume. That sound great right!

Faizan, Fresh Graduate


I have received lots of interview offers from a numbers of employer and recruitment agencies throughout Malaysia and Australia. Thanks a lot for writing a great resume that works!

Oil & Gas Professional, 38 years old


After opting for my VSS, I find it very hard to land an interview with my hands on experience. Now, I am a Senior Project Manager with a well-known Offshore Drilling company. Thanks Hans!

Mr. Lim, 56 years old


Great news! I got a job!! I’m starting next Monday as the Head of the IT Desk, South East Asia.

David, Senior IT Specialist


The response was great! I have received so many calls and given couple of interviews as well. I am currently in discussion with two Tier 1 companies and should be able to finalize within 3-4 days. Tons of thanks to you Hans!

Meena, 42 years old


Yes! I got a job within 3 weeks of being back to the country! I am now working in a consultancy firm. Thanks for your great work!

Geetha, Supply Chain Professional


So far I have attended 2 job interviews and awaiting the result 🙂

Marina, IT Specialist


The outcome of the job application you’ve done is Great! The resume you’ve done is excellent! I really appreciate your service. Thank God next week I got 3 job interviews and hopefully more to come.

Adam, Islamic Banking Manager


I have received 2 calls for interviews so far. Still looking for opportunities and hope good news are coming soon.

Xiang, Manufacturing Plant Manager


I have already started in my new company! Thank you very much for your professional service, providing a well-structured resume. But I have just received 2 calls for interview as I am still looking for other job opportunities that can offer better package in term of salary, so wish me the best of luck.

Hirda, Supply Chain Specialist